The QE rumours

We are now watching constantly changes in terms of economy in many parts of the world. While the Asian areas are fighting agains the international investment capital looses in Japan, Russia is working to stabilize their currency, specially because of the freefall of the oil price, the eurozone is seeking the measures for reviving an… Read More »

Putin critic arrested at protest

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is arrested as he joins a protest in Moscow, hours after being given a suspended sentence for fraud. Link to article: … read more – click title

U.S. consumer confidence rises in December

(Reuters) – U.S. consumer confidence increased in December, bolstered by a brightening jobs situation that left perceptions about economic conditions at a high last seen in February 2008, according to a private sector report released on Tuesday. … read more – click title

Frith Files Patent assembles digital multi-media into custom tailored workout videos. Designs accommodate age, goals, fitness, personal impairments and strengths, size and layout of space, equipment available, length of workout and breaks, etc. Workouts vary and evolve in response to interactivity. Most exercises have 10 levels of difficulty, and can be progressed, skipped or deleted at the… Read More »

Bits Blog: American Workers Say Internet Makes Them More Productive

A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that e-mail is very important to three-fifths of American workers, while social media is a blip on the charts. Link to article: … read more – click title